By Amy Hackworth.

When Sophie’s family goes looking for a new couch at a rummage sale, they inadvertently get a new family member in David Slonim’s He Came with the Couch. The unexpected addition is painfully shy, and Sophie’s family does all they can to help him get off the couch. In the end, the only thing that can really motivate him is his loyalty to Sophie and her family in this really sweet and funny story about friendship and kindness.

One of the best things about children’s books is the opportunity to believe in something more than a little nonsensical — a quiet little creature who just comes with a couch. But the idea is definitely grounded in reality; have you ever thrifted something that included a hidden treasure, like a pair of pants with coins in the pocket or a book with a dollar bill between the pages? It feels like winning a lottery, doesn’t it?