We attended the darling wedding of our niece, Lauren Blair, in Billingham, England, over the weekend. It was truly lovely. Lauren’s husband is named Isaac McKenna, and his family has deep Scottish roots, so Isaac and his father wore kilts. And Jim Blair (Ben Blair’s brother), the father of the bride, wore a kilt in the Blair Tartan as well.

Lauren messaged me on Thursday last week to remind me that fascinators are totally legit for English weddings and I was like, “For real?!! HECK YEAH COUNT US IN ON THE FASCINATORS.” (I was also like: how did it not occur to me already that we could wear fascinators to the wedding? Did I not study Meghan Markle’s wedding like it was a text book?)

So that day, I scoured our little town here in France hoping to find something that would work, but alas, I had no luck. (To be honest, I suspected that would be the case). For a Plan B, I figured we’d pick something up once we got to England. Which is exactly what happened. We took the ferry from Caen to Portsmouth on Friday, and as soon as we landed, our first stop was fascinator shopping.

I can report that it was very, very fun to shop for a fascinator — especially having never shopped for one before, which meant I went in with no expectations. I was told the options we were looking at were somewhat limited, because fall has arrived and the wedding season is officially over, but I thought we had great options to pick from.

One thing I’m not clear about is the line between a fascinator and a hat. It may have to do with whether or not it’s attached to a headband? All the options we saw — even those that looked like hats — were all perched on a headband. Which means you don’t need hat pins or bobby pins or anything like that, even with short hair like mine. You just slip the fascinator on your head like any headband.

Or maybe the options we chose would be considered hats, and the hair pieces that didn’t have any sort of brim would be considered fascinators. Not that it matters! I’m just curious. : )

At the wedding, lots of the ladies wore fascinators and it was delightful to see all the festive head wear. But not every woman wore one — so from my point of view it seemed like fascinators were a very fun, but totally optional thing to wear.

How about you? If you had an excuse to wear a fascinator, would you go for it? Would you favor something hat-like? Or maybe more of an oversize barrette? And have you ever attended a wedding in England? Did the ladies wear fascinators and fancy headwear? I’d love to hear.

P.S.— You can see more about the wedding and our trip in my Euro Travels highlight on Instagram.