By Gabrielle. Images from Happy Yolks’ Persimmon Oatmeal Cookies recipe.

I do not suffer from jet lag. I do not suffer from jet lag. I do not suffer from jet lag. If  I tell myself this forcefully and often enough, it comes true! Do you trick your body like this, too?

It’s a funny quirk, but one thing I find myself doing while jet lagging is reading food blogs. Now, I can follow a recipe like most people, and I have a few of my own up my sleeve that make my kids happy every time they show up on our table! But. I am not a foodie by any means. Ben Blair is our resident chef. And yet when I read blogs like Happy Yolks or Orangette, I feel full, as though I’ve just consumed a three-course meal of savory moments, delicious observations, and sweet thoughts. They make me feel like I could make anything. Or at least go to sleep and dream about making anything!

For all the non-foodies out there: Do you regularly read gourmet-esque blogs? Tell me your favorites! Do they inspire you to try new things in the kitchen or do they satisfy your cravings in other ways?

P.S. — Also, it helps tremendously to surround yourself with happy, creative, and smiling people while you’re lagging, which is my current setting at the wonderfully galvanizing Alt Summit! Be sure to check out our Twitter stream at #AltSummit for as-it-happens inspiration over the next few days.