This morning I was browsing through my delicious page and found tons of links I’ve been meaning to share with you. Here’s to some good weekend exploring á la A Cup of Jo and Rocks in My Dryer:

-Take a peek at this scanned in sketchbook by Amy Kligman. Someday I want to create something like this for no other reason than to go through the process. Thanks for the link, Summer.

-This open-plan kitchen that I spotted on Café Johnsonia has me coveting.

-My brother Jared posted photos and video of his epic Haute Route adventure on flickr. I’m intimidated by his coolness.

-This pretty, new-to-me-blog has been added to my bookmarks: A Merry Mishap.

Travis sent me a link to this essay about another family who has recently relocated from NY. Really good.

-Prediction: the next blog to take off like Stuff White People Like will be this one. It’s showcases very serious critiques of children’s artwork.

-A new take on the family portrait. Have a mini documentary made of your family instead by an award-winning cinematographer.

-Buy used books to fund world-literacy.

-Spotted on kirtsy. Michael Jackson is selling off his belongings. Including the Sequined Glove.

-Liz pulled off a dining room makeover for $400.

-Did you see this post on Real Simple about using cloth and starch in lieu of wallpaper? I’d like to try this.

-Tonic says that for $20 they will stop the stream of junk mail that fills your mailbox each day. Has anyone tried this?

-Clear instructions for DIY tablecloth.

-Your photo on a silk scarf — is this so tacky it’s cool?

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