Things I’m feeling thankful for as I type this:

The smell of fresh-baked berry pie. Getting to skype with Maude in Paris (not as good as having her here, but still, such a blessing!). A clean house. A wild yard where the kids can forage for centerpiece materials. Watching Fantastic Mr. Fox. Having family nearby to share a meal with. Pumpkin cookies instead of pumpkin pie. Looking forward to pulling out the Christmas decorations tomorrow. The sunlight streaming through our windows. Stacks of china and pewter plate on the the counter. Enthusiastic kids who wake up early on holidays and are up for anything — any task, any assignment. Ben Blair who cooks the turkey, the mashed potatoes and the cranberry sauce.

And today, I’m especially grateful for this community. Your comments and emails never fail to open my horizons, make me think, and bring me inspiration and cheer. This work is one of the biggest blessings in my life. Thank you for reading. I hope you get to spend today with people you love and eating food you love. Happy Thanksgiving!

P.S. — See a little tour of our foraged Thanksgiving table centerpiece on my Instagram stories @designmom.