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By Gabrielle. Coloring page by Jenean Morrison.

November has arrived! And as a happy coincidence, last night a rain storm came to visit (a rare occurrence these days in California). September and October felt exactly like summer, but when I walked out this morning to a wet world covered in yellow leaves, it finally felt like fall. Hooray! And as a little Happy November gift to you, I’ve got a free grown-up coloring page for you today. It was designed by Jenean Morrison, exclusively for Design Mom readers!

Jenean has been designing and publishing coloring books since 2012 and they’ve been published in France, Italy, Brazil and Japan — the most recent of which is a 300+ page 2016 Coloring Calendar.

Printable Coloring Page - a perfect way to destress and relax | Design Mom

Have you gotten into the new coloring trend for adults? I’m loving it. Coloring and doodling is so soothing! There are no rules, so there’s no pressure to get it “right”, and you can do it anywhere. Keep a coloring page or coloring book in your bag and you can pull it out at carpool, on a flight, or while the kids are working on homework after dinner.

For me, coloring becomes that satisfying sort of busy work, the kind that occupies one part of my brain and keeps me calm, while another part of my brain can simmer on new topics or challenges that have come my way.

What about you? Have you tried it? Are you a coloring fan? I’d love to hear what you think of it!

Let's Color! A printable coloring page, the perfect way to relax | Design Mom

Jenean’s tips:

– I created this coloring page for Design Mom readers using a combination of stylized floral elements and geometrics placed in a symmetrical design. It includes a mix of both larger and smaller spaces to color, so it will be enjoyable for both beginner and advanced colorists.

– For my colored pages, I like to print the design on card stock and use Stabilo markers. I often start with just one color, then add other colors one at a time until I like the look of the page. Sometimes I leave the pages with just one or two colors, and other times I fill them completely with as many as four or five colors. Lately I’ve also been using the larger areas as a place to embellish the design with dots, stripes and doodles.

– You’ll be able to print this page out as many times as you’d like, so I encourage you to try out a variety of media and techniques as you find your own coloring style!< How will you fill yours? Print your FREE coloring page here. Find all of Jenean’s coloring books here.

Credits: Images, styling & assistance by Amy Christie.