Blairs on Ice

Image and text by Gabrielle.

Oh my goodness. I have been treasuring all the family time we’ve been soaking up over this holiday break. It feels like such a gift. Even the sickness feels like a gift because it kept our schedule low-key. I look ahead, and I don’t know if and when we’ll ever get a concentrated family time quite like this again, so I’m eating it up and trying to appreciate every minute of it.

I’d originally scheduled today as a regular work day. I’d even made my next hair bleaching appointment for today. But, I ended up pushing things back — I find I’m trying to stretch out this family break as long as I can. I moved the hair appointment till next week and I’ve blocked out a chunk of time for email, but then I’m going back to family time till Monday.

Yesterday, we made New Year’s Resolutions and many of mine related to this website. I have so many thoughts and ideas about what this blog should be! I’m excited to write up a post about my goals on Monday and get your feedback.

How are you doing? Are you back to a regular schedule today? Did you do anything fun for New Year’s Day? We kept it very simple. We put away our holiday decorations, popped a huge batch of kettle corn, and watched The Hudsucker Proxy. Such a good New Year’s movie! How about you?

P.S. — I’m glad I’m pushing back the hair appointment. I feel like I’m still enjoying this reddish blonde color, and I’m hoping to fit in a photo shoot before I change it. I want to have a good record of it. : )