Photo and text by Gabrielle.

It’s July 4th! To my friends in the States, I hope you’re having a wonderful day filled with parades and picnics and patriotic festivities — and I hope you get to see a jaw-dropping fireworks display tonight. I LOVE watching a good fireworks display.

We enjoyed a gorgeous visit to the American Military Cemetery — it’s built overlooking Omaha Beach and the grounds are simply stunning. Today it was filled with people wanting be here for the 4th of July. We heard lots of different languages and met many fellow Americans. There were choirs performing throughout the day. They would gather and sing at the base of the memorial, which stands at the entrance to the cemetery.

We’ve visited this place many, many times, and it moves me every time. I know the numbers, but seeing all those headstones — more than the eye can take in all at once — is incomprehensible. Today, the kids particularly noticed the graves with the date of July 4th. There are many. Young men who died on this day so many years ago.

While we walked among the graves, an older American man approached Oscar and asked, “Son, what do you think about all this?”. Oscar said, “I think it’s very sad.” The man asked, “Why do you think we still have wars?” Oscar answered, “Because there is still injustice in the world.”


This evening we will have a celebratory feast at home and sing some patriotic songs. Maybe we’ll read the Declaration of Independence too. Sounds perfect!

Happy 4th of July!