Images from Martha’s Pumpkin Gallery. Definitely worth a peek. So inspiring!

Friends. I have good news! I am officially in my second trimester. This is how I know:

1) I did throw-up today, but I didn’t feel nauseous. (It’s not perfect, but I’ll take it!)

2) Food has been my enemy for weeks and weeks, but the last few days I’ve had a growing appetite. I think of it as a tender mercy that will help me make sure my kids’ Halloween candy doesn’t go to waste.

3) I checked the calendar.

But honestly, it’s hard to focus on this exciting news because we’ve got a jam-packed schedule of Halloween for the next two days. On my to-do list:

1) Take $5 and some refreshments to the middle school so Ralph can get into the Halloween Dance. (It’s his first dance. I am dying to get a report.) I wish I had time to make these rice-krispie mummy heads for the refreshments. They are fabulous.

2) Buy candy for Trunk-or-Treat tonight (will they really still do Trunk-or-Treat when there is two feet of snow on the ground? We’ll find out tonight how truly hard-core Coloradoans are.)

3) Decorate the trunk of the car. The kids are thinking a “mad science lab” with dry ice smoke and Martha’s specimen jars. But I confess, I’m trying to talk them out of it altogether because the snow is a total Halloween buzzkill.

Specimen jar images from Martha Stewart.

4) Make chili for tonight’s cook-off.

5) Finish Oscar’s Medusa costume. The headpiece is done, but the shirt still needs some work. I’ll try to post pics of all my kids-in-costume this weekend. Halloween is the best.

6) Tomorrow, we’ll carve the jack-o-lanterns and buy more candy for the trick-or-treaters.

Have a fantastic, spooky weekend. And please send spider-webby thoughts my way, because with so much snow outside it is taking every bit of self-restraint I’ve got not to pull out the Christmas cds.

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