By Gabrielle.

How strange. We feel like we are skipping Halloween this year. : (

Partly, it’s due to having our minds elsewhere as we gasp at hurricane aftermath and worry for our friends. Partly it’s because France doesn’t really celebrate this holiday.

Last year, we had our own festivities at home and it was fantastic. There was a costume challenge, pumpkin cookies, movie watching, a candle installation, and chili (of course!). I posted photos from last year’s celebration here, if you’d like to see.

Because it was our first October out of the country, I think it was hard for our kids to comprehend that there really isn’t Halloween in France, so we went all out at home to compensate. But this year, the kids are more adjusted to the idea, and I think our celebrations will be low-key. I’m imagining some baking and movie watching, but mostly hanging out. Maybe I’ll show the kids this super-cool 100 Cats poster and see if they want to make their own.

I’m sure some of you are literally skipping Halloween as well — I know that many parts of the East Coast have cancelled festivities for this evening. To those of you who are able take your kids out trick-or-treating, please enjoy it for the both of us! We’ll plan on joining you enthusiastically next year.

Tell me, Friends: What is Halloween like for you this year?

P.S. — To all you parents who can’t stand dressing up, here’s a little video I made just for you.