Today is Ben Blair’s birthday! We have garlands hanging in the kitchen to celebrate. Here are 3 of the many reasons I’m glad Ben Blair was born:

1) He’s a really good person. If something wonderful happens to you, he will feel genuinely happy. Often, he’s so happy upon hearing someone else’s good fortune, it’s as if the happy thing happened to him!

2) He’s an engaged parent. He spends lots of time thinking about our children, their needs and how best to parent them. He says yes when they come up with challenging or ambitious projects and helps make the projects happen. It’s not unusual for him to come up with a new idea or system that helps motivate the kids to learn and work hard.

3) He helps me feel beautiful. Obviously he’s seen me looking good and not so good over the years, but he acts like he’s seeing something amazing whenever I get undressed (post surgery, 9 months pregnant, all. the. time.) I realize that in a high percentage of instances he’s just being a good actor, but even when he’s pretending, it sure feels good. (Sorry if that’s TMI.)

Happy Birthday, Ben Blair! You are wonderful.