Can you believe it? Flora June Blair is officially 2 years old! (Remember her birth story? And her 1st birthday? I’m pretty sure they both happened two seconds ago.)

We had a simple celebration with strawberry shortcake and a few gifts. June thought the whole thing was pretty darn fabulous. And she felt like a champ in her number two dress. It was made by Katy of No Big Dill and is as cute as can be.

Things June likes: singing, dancing, doing anything that her big brothers and sisters are doing. If there is something she can identify that they don’t do (like sit in a high chair), she will reject it out of hand. I’m pretty sure she thinks she’s at least age 10 or 11.

Something else about June: she gets terribly shy around strangers and will curl into me in the snuggliest way.

We’re so lucky to have June in our family. We can’t imagine life without her!

P.S. — Want to make a 2-year-old really happy on their birthday? Light the candles as many times as they want to blow them out. And sing Happy Birthday To You as many times as you can manage. Those two things will equal best-birthday-ever to any toddler on the planet.