Images from Martha Stewart. See her whole gallery of prank ideas here.

In case you were wondering, I have the coolest kids ever. Let’s see if I can chronicle the April Fools Day pranks I woke up to — all orchestrated by my kids and unbeknownst to me (note, pranks has a very loose definition at our house — pretty much anything silly counts):

– There was salt in my drinking cup in the bathroom.
– Oscar and Betty’s closet contents had been switched.
– The clock in the kitchen had been moved 2 hours ahead.
– The barely ripe bananas were colored with streaks of brown marker to make them look old.
– The milk had been dyed pale yellow — to look like it had spoiled.
– The kids woke Ben Blair and I super early with breakfast in bed while singing Happy Anniversary to You! (Our anniversary is in August.)

– There was a cup of water on the top of the door leading into the office. Which spilled all over their dad when he opened the door. And absolutely delighted the kids.
– When I sat down at my desk, my mouse wouldn’t work. I was getting so frustrated. Then turned it over and saw a post-it note covering the red-light that said “April Fools!”
– I logged in and was shocked to see an unknown-to-me-baby-face staring back at me from my blog. It took me a minute to read what Ralph wrote and figure out what was going on. (I wonder where he found that photo? Who is that sweet baby? And how do you like the name Ralph picked out?) Please be assured, the baby wasn’t born yet. We still have 6 weeks to go. And no name picked out. : )

– This was Betty’s first year having any interest in the April Fools goings on. She’s been talking about pranks, which she calls Panks or Franks, for days now — as in, I’m going to Pank you! Her proud attempt this morning: she took a pair of my fanciest shoes and put them by my pillow. And then immediately cracked up at her brilliant frank and reported what she’d done. It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

– Our parental contribution: last night when all the kids were asleep, we switched Oscar and Betty’s drawers and switched all the big kids’ shoes. I know. Pretty tame. But something fun for the kids to wake up to.

The big kids are at school now, but I sense that the house has been booby-trapped and I’ll be discovering more pranks all day long. Did your family do anything fun to celebrate? I hope you’ll share your favorite ideas.