I’m completely charmed by this bedroom! What do you think of the hanging beds? I think they’re ingenious and want to copy them. I like the navy and yellow color scheme as well. (If you’re worried, know that each bed is bolted securely to the wall.) You can read all about how the room came to be, and see lots more photos at The Bumper Crop.

Have you ever had multiple kids in the same bedroom?

Beds are on my mind right now. Specifically mattresses. We’ve had a wave of guests that started in early October and will continue through Thanksgiving. The day the first guests arrived, so did a new mattress set. It’s called Embody by Sealy and I think it’s the best mattress set we’ve owned. We had the choice of the memory foam, which they say feels like sleeping “in the mattress” and the latex foam, which they say feels like sleeping “on the mattress”. We chose the latex.

It has been wonderful to have a comfy new bed for guests and I confess, it’s our new favorite spot for naps. I love it because if I fall asleep on the new bed with Baby June, and I want to sneak away for a minute, I can climb out of bed without jostling the baby — the mattress stays still and steady.

I’m pretty excited, because I get to give away a brand new Embody by Sealy mattress set to one of you guys as well! It will be one of the prizes during the Design Mom Holiday Giveaway Week. I can’t wait. Getting a really good mattress set is the ultimate treat.

images by The Bumper Crop