Note from Design Mom: Last September Kyran of Notes to Self wrote a slew of memorable posts and shared them with us as a Guest Mom here at Design Mom. We’re lucky to have here back for a 2nd week. Welcome Back Kyran!

Back in September, I opened up my jewelry box here on Design Mom and told you a few stories. It was my first experience writing about “things,” and it was a revelation to me to learn how much life could be unpacked from so-called lifeless objects.

One of my favorite of your many kind emails and comments was from the author of Purple Petunia, who noted that the focus of those posts was “not ‘things to buy’, but to value.”

She gets me. ;-)

I’ve since returned to the theme of show-and-tell a time or two, and although I don’t always mean for it to, it usually comes back around to a meditation on value. Like this Notes to Self post about the kinds of things I consider luxuries. Or this Flawed But Authentic post I wrote about my friends’ uniquely decorated home.

But I’d be an awfully dull girl if I never let something pretty catch my eye simply because. So this week, I just want to link an arm through yours and say, “oooh!” over some of my recent and ongoing infatuations.

Hope you’ll come along!

Kyran Pittman