How was your Father’s Day? How was your weekend?

I loved ours. Here’s a report. Saturday, Ben Blair took the kids swimming while I explored vintage furniture stores on Broadway. I’m searching for rocking chairs (more on that later).

On Sunday, Ben Blair received a stripey hammock. Which was promptly taken over by the kids. I helped serve pie to all the men at church — apparently it’s a Father’s Day tradition in our new congregation. I like it. (And I’m thinking a big stack of Krispy Kremes would have been even yummier and easier. Possibly I’ll make the suggestion next year.) We made our favorite sandwiches (they’re called 8 to 5’s) for lunch and had peach pie for dessert. And made a big pitcher of homemade lemonade so that Ben Blair would have something to drink while he lounged in his new hammock.

Then, late last night we made a huge batch of granola that I’m betting won’t last the week and settled the big kids down with a chapter of Harry Potter Six (we’re trying to refresh our memories by getting it re-read before the movie comes out).

I was homesick for my Dad. Jordan posted great pictures of my siblings and parents in matching shirts in front of the house I grew up in — and they made me happy.