In addition to the leaf masks, we’ve had these amazing trick-or-treater illustrations since we were new parents. My mom gave them to us. Oddly, they were part of a promotion at her local bank (checking, savings and pictures of trick-or-treaters?) and she asked for any extra sets they had.

They’re printed on heavy cardstock and feature both the back and front of the costumes, so we’re careful to display these in a way that lets you see both sides — never against a wall. In past homes, they’ve hung from the ceiling. In this house they hang from a wide entryway. And movement, like the door opening, or kids walking by, sets them slowly turning.

These are my very, very favorite Halloween decorations. I find them so enchanting, that I have an unreasonable daydream that one year, my five kids will decide they want to be these five costumes. It will never happen.

Speaking of never, I’ve never been able to find the name of the artist — so if you happen to know the source, please do fill me in.