I’m having fun this week putting together the Halloween costumes for my kids. Last night, I finished making the embellishments for Olive’s Witch and Maude’s Mrs. Frankenstein. I also researched how to do a beehive hairdo for Maude. This site seem to have the clearest instructions and just seems like a cool site
(note to self: must buy some Aqua Net). Both costumes are ironed and waiting in their closets for the big festivities. Check and check.

Oscar is a werewolf and we’re using Ralph’s old big-bad-wolf costume. So that one’s done as well. Check.

Betty will be a jack-o-lantern. I know they’re pretty much available everywhere, but I actually had trouble finding something really charming in her size. So, I picked up a basic fleece option from Target. Not fantastic, but fine. I’ll email some neighbors and see if anybody has anything better, but in the meantime, I’m calling this good. Check.

Ralph’s Mummy costume is the only one left to make. I have a basic picture in my head of what it should look like, but started to do some research last night to find more solid instructions. There are lots of good Mummy versions out there, but I especially thought this video was great:


I’ve vowed to complete Ralph’s costume today. I’m dying the rags in tea as we speak. Wish me luck.