I feel like we haven’t added Halloween books to our stash in ages, so this year I ordered a few. (As I’ve described in years past, during the month of October, we like to light candles each night and ready Halloween books or spooky stories. This year we even have a fireplace (woot!). It totally heightens the drama.) The books we added this year:

Bone Soup.
A Halloween themed retelling of Stone Soup. Instead of carrots and potatoes, the townspeople eventually share their stewed eyeballs and jars of batwings. The illustrations are the best part. My kids love this.

By the Light of the Halloween Moon.
A rebus by Caroline Stutson. Simple and repetitive. My preschoolers especially like this.

Once Upon a Halloween Night.
This is a chapter book. I was looking for something the older kids would like. We’re still not done with it yet, but so far so good.

You can find links to some of our other favorites here. What are your favorite Halloween books?