By Gabrielle.

Did you have a hair fall-out after you had a baby? I did. After every single one. And then, for at least a year afterward, I would have this awkward new hairline as the regrowth came in. You too? Annoying, yes, but a minor grievance when I had such no-problem pregnancies.

But. When June was born, I had my usual hair fall-out. Then it kept falling. Not as heavily as post-birth, but not as slowly as it should to be considered “normal”. So my hair stylist here in France, who has been watching my hair since June was 9 months old, is worried. And I am too!! If I am permanently losing my hair, I’m going to tell you right now, that I will A) freak out, and B) buy a wig. : )

At my last appointment, he encouraged me to take these Kerastase supplements, and told me I would start seeing results in a minimum of 8 weeks. I’ve been taking them for about 3 weeks now, so I still have a long time until I know if they’re working. Have you ever tried these? Any advice for me?

P.S. — The picture at top is my hair right before June was born, pre-fallout. Also, my stylist told me he had a client that was 101 years old, and had hair regrowth with these vitamins! Do you think he was teasing me?