By Gabrielle. Images from Aloha Hair Designs on Etsy.

How many minutes has it been since your daughter or son asked for purple hair? Probably one minute after you nixed blue, right?

I’m not sure anyone under twenty understands how long it takes for a spur-of-the-moment hair decision to grow out, do you? From pixie cuts to super short bangs and a platinum punk stage you wish everyone would forget, we’ve all been there and don’t want our kids to endure the same pain! Hot pink sounds awesome today, but what about next week?

The solution? Hair chalk. Colors as vibrant as you want to go today, and supposedly washable when you find yourself ready for another shade. Have you tried it yet?

P.S. — My own parents were actually really laidback about our hair experiments. Unusual piercings and tattoos were definitely not allowed, but because it wasn’t permanent, hair stuff didn’t get us in trouble. What was it like at your house?