Images by Brooke Dennis for Alt Summit.

I want to tell you about my hair adventures in Salt Lake City. I had two of them! When I arrived, my hair was in desperate need of attention. It was so bad that I wore a hat from the moment I got off the plane until my hair appointment the next day. (Thank goodness for hats!)

My hair appointment was at Aura Hair Studio, which specializes in curly hair. In Denver, I used to have my hair done by a curly-hair-trained-stylist (I love Melissa!), but this was my first time going to a whole salon dedicated to curly hair. I really liked it! It was fun to talk shop about curly hair — favorite products, new techniques, how often we shampoo, etc. Made me happy (and my hair looked great!). Plus, by the end of the appointment, I think I convinced Chelsa, my stylist, that she should start a blog. : )

The favorite new trick I learned from Chelsa: apply hair gel in the shower when my hair is sopping wet. Works wonders!

On Friday, I had my second hair adventure. The amazingly talented Rubi of She Lets Her Hair Down blog, arranged for a team of stylists to be available to Alt Summit speakers. Which was basically the coolest perk ever! So I met Rubi and Casie (of Lunatic Fringe) in Jordan’s hotel room early on Friday morning for a little hair party. Casie styled my hair with a curling iron, brush and hairspray — 3 things I haven’t used on my curly hair in what feels like a decade. And my hair looked so good! I received compliments all day long and into the evening — and frankly, I felt really pretty.

I don’t own a curling iron, so I haven’t tried to replicate the hair style since I’ve been home. I’m kind of scared to, because I’m sure my attempt won’t be as nearly as cute. But I still want to see how close I can get!

Do you know what? That was the first time I’ve ever had an appointment just to get my hair “done”. No cut or color or wash — just getting my hair styled. And I loved it! I would definitely do it again. Have you ever had an appointment just for a styling? Maybe for your wedding or another big event? Have you ever had your hair done just because?

P.S. — In high school, my friend Jandi would get up early to style her mother’s hair. I remember being so amazed by that!