When I was in Miami, Rachel of Handmade Charlotte (who is one of my favorite people in the world) gave me this bottle of perfume, called Cherry Bomb by Tokyo Milk. Delicious!

In an attempt to establish a signature scent, I’ve been exclusively wearing Eau de New York by Bond No. 9 for a couple of years now (I adore it!). But honestly, I’ve been in the mood lately to mix things up scent-wise, maybe add in a few more options. So it was delightful to receive a new bottle to get things going.

Here’s another perfume I read about — it’s tempting me and I’ve never even given it a sniff: Byredo Parfums Gypsy Water. It sounds so Johnny-Depp-in-Chocolat romantic, doesn’t it? A vagabond story in scent…bergamot, juniper, orris, amber, pepper, and sandalwood nestled in pine needles.

I bet it smells like camping! Minus the roasted  marshmallows, woodland creatures, and unbathed children. Have you ever chosen a perfume simply for the name without ever smelling it? How did it work out for you? Do you have a favorite scent of the moment?

P.S. — I couldn’t find Cherry Bomb on the Tokyo Milk site, but I did find it here. Also, Rachel and I are working on a series of craft videos. I’m so excited about them!