There is something amazing about the introduction of summer. The knowledge that is is right around the corner is enough to make us purr. The sunshine rubbing all over me last weekend reminded me of how very special this summer will be. My son is old enough this summer to really invest in summertime, but I am old enough to be tempted to stay inside in the air conditioning if I don’t let the inspiration flow.

My family is working on a garden this spring/summer and it is proving to be very exciting to learn to tend the earth. I started off here at you grow girl and here at kids gardening to learn some basics and soon found that gardening can be so addictive.

We are working on the garden as a whole concept. We planned, shopped, started seeds, planted, and now are tending as a family. We have started to journal daily about our garden and plan to run to the garden before breakfast in our pajamas. We pray it goes as well as it sounds in our minds :)

There are so many activites and lessons that go along with summer and gardening. Check out these books and even if you live in the city and have no land to dig- there are books like this
to help you catch the gardening spirit.

Wondertime has a great article on gardening and kids and the awesome Artful Parent blog has a lovely interview with Sharon Lovejoy on Gardening with Children.

Simple or elaborate, you can learn a lot this summer if you dig together in the dirt.
Teaching your children to respect the earth and care for mother nature is a fabulous gift. Follow your bliss this shining summer!

And speaking of all this…mama likes:
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