Photo credit ©Alyssa Miserendino.

When I think of a wood worker, I imagine carpenter pants, flannel, and perhaps even a beard. But then there’s Greta de Parry.

She doesn’t brag, but if she did she might tell you that she graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and was accepted as the sole artist in residence in a post-graduate program. Among other perks and apprentice opportunities, this means she earns a small stipend to create anything she wants!

Her work is matter-of-fact sleek with a solid sense of humor. Like her domino cutting boards. As she explains it, “The qualities I appreciate in friends I also value in furniture; they must be playful, resourceful, emotionally stable (tables carry a lot of weight), and go against the grain.”

I love artists who don’t fit the traditional mold, don’t you? Tell me: Do you enjoy a hobby or a skill where you’re kind of an anomaly?