wind farm in california

Image and text by Gabrielle.

Hello from the road! We are on day two of a road trip to Colorado. The first leg was yesterday, we drove from Oakland to Las Vegas, then stayed with Ben Blair’s sister Carol last night. (What a hostess. She makes pancakes! And has a pool!) It was a bit strange to be on the road with just Betty and June — such a quiet car. I’m sure the volume will feel more normal when we pick up the 4 oldest from Cousins Week today.

Our transition period from France to Oakland continues to be transitional. Our first week in Oakland felt a bit temporary, a bit like camping. We knew we’d be leaving right away for “summer vacation” — Cousins Week, visiting Grandparents, and heading to Colorado to see friends and make arrangements for our belongings to come to California.

As we were packing our suitcases I kind of gave them the side eye, like, “Really? You again? Already?” I confess, I’m not actually craving any travel at the moment. If I could pick, we would hold still for awhile. But I know this trip is necessary and practical. And I know it will be good one. In fact, it’s already been really wonderful. I love driving through the familiar desert landscape of my childhood.

Next stop, St. George. Then, we’ll finish the day in Moab, Utah. Crossing my fingers for a hike to Delicate Arch tomorrow morning.

Do you have a favorite road trip? A favorite high way? I love coming from Las Vegas to St. George through the Virgin River Gorge. That stretch of freeway is packed full of memories for me.

P.S. — Around the halfway point yesterday we drove by the biggest wind farm I’ve ever seen. Amazing!