In Colorado, it’s all about elevation. This is a mountain state. Any peak that hits over 14,000 feet is called a 14er and around these parts the term 14er is thrown around in everyday conversation. If I understand correctly, there are dozens of 14ers in Colorado — and almost none anywhere else on the continent.

Today, Ben Blair and I are climbing our first 14er. (Who knows, maybe it will be our last.) We wanted to start off easy — Grays and Torreys are said to be good starter 14ers — so that’s what we’re hiking. Why? Because we live in Colorado and that’s what Coloradoans do. Also, because I love the mountains and I’ve barely had 2 minutes to pay them any attention since we moved here.

But mostly, we’re climbing a 14-er this weekend to celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary. (Clever? Or cheesy? You decide.) Our anniversary isn’t officially until next Wednesday. But school will be in session by then and it will be harder to make time to celebrate. So we’re heading to a hotel (sans kids) and hiking a 14er (maybe 2) today. My amazing niece, Rachel and her lovely friend, Shelby are taking good care of the children while we’re gone. I feel super lucky that I get to do this.

Have a great weekend, friends. Yay for 14! Yay for being married to Ben Blair!!

photo here