Right this minute, my Facebook feed is full of parents sharing exciting news on behalf of their kids: Across America, high school seniors are getting their college acceptance letters! It’s a big moment. And I know I should probably wait until graduation, but my instinct is to send a little “congrats on getting in!” gift now, when the accomplishment feels so fresh. For anyone feeling the same way, I thought you might appreciate some yay-for-you suggestions.

Gift Ideas Under $20

1. Origami Unicorn Lapel Pin
2. Travelogue, Scratch Travel Journal
3. Compliment Pencils: Sweet sayings like “You are gold baby, solid gold” and “You make it rain rainbows”
4. Your Future Looks Bright Notebook
5. Build-On Brick Mug
6. 3D clock, hello!
7. Where will you be 5 years from today. A guide to design a 5-year plan detailing dreams, goals and aspirations.
8. Cutest Pocket Knife.

Great Graduation Gift ideas

Gift Ideas Under $50

1. Anello Backback. Comes in 19 colors! And is crazy popular all over Japan.
2. Cork Globe. Use charming push pins and even string to connect global adventures.
3. Midnite Pocket Knife. Equipped with a pen, light, screwdrivers, and more, makes it perfect for whatever adventures your grad is going on.
4. My Family Cookbook. Spend the summer adding all those family favorite recipes to curb those first few home sick months.
5. Urban Market Bags. Pack of 3, to use for anything from groceries to the first purchases at the college book store.

Great Graduation Gifts at 3 Price Levels

Gift Ideas Around $100

1. Record Player. So they can be the DJ of their dorm room.
2. Weekend duffle. For visits home to do laundry.
3. Bluetooth speaker. Waterproof=Adventureproof.
4. Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Instant Film Camera.

How about you? Do you have any graduates on your mind this year? And do you have a favorite graduation gift to give? Please feel free to share your ideas (or links!) in the comments.


Credits: Graphic design and shopping assistance by Audrey Moore.