Amy told me about Google Art Project and I’m completely impressed. Google has created an archive of art collections from museums around the world. You can zoom way, way in and see every tiny brush stroke. You can read notes about each piece, even view related videos. It’s amazing!

I can’t imagine it’s anywhere near complete. At least, several of my favorites from the Denver Art Museum aren’t listed yet. But I love seeing what’s already there. Including The Floor Planers by Gustave Caillebotte — it’s in my top 5 favorite paintings ever.

Is your favorite listed? Which art museum/collection/work do you hope they add next?

P.S. — When I was 19, I spent 6 months in Washington D.C. doing an internship at the National Archives. While living there, I spent as much time in the Smithsonian collections as I possibly could. Lunch hours at the National Portrait Gallery are some of my favorite memories.