There’s a certain morning ritual that has me so hooked I almost can’t start my day without it. Not coffee, but green smoothies. Because the appearance can be a bit alarming, you really have to try it before you pass judgment. The basic recipe at our house is this:

-Half a banana
-A handful of blueberries (add enough to make it tasty)

-Several handfuls of fresh spinach

-Enough water to make it drinkable

-And that’s it!

I promise it tastes great; spinach blends really well with fruit. And it’s SO good for you! Once you get that down, you can get fancier with strawberries, carrots, oranges, melon, peaches, fresh coconut and pineapple; there are a million yummy possibilities!

Tiffany of puts her green smoothies in popsicle molds as treats for the kids. We love these Tovolo rocket and star molds (ours were a wedding gift!). Mixing spinach with yummy fruit in a rocket pop just might have your kids begging for their greens!