By Gabrielle.

Something silly and fun. I introduced Maude to Gilmore Girls a few weeks ago and she’s so into it! I used to LOVE watching Gilmore Girls. It was a weekly treat for me. I loved how fast they talked and I got a kick out of seeing how many cultural (or pop cultural) references I could recognize. I recommended the show to Maude last year, but it wasn’t available on any of the online TV sources we use, and we both sort of forgot about it. Then, a couple of months ago, suddenly it was — Netflix made the whole series available all at once. Which has made for some delightful binge watching over the past month. Hah!

I’ve been sitting in on the episodes whenever I have a moment. I love that it still feels fresh and current, and I love that the character Rory is a terrific teenager with ambitious goals and a commitment to good grades. : )

It’s got me thinking about other out-of-production shows my teens might like. Freaks & Geeks for sure. (I didn’t learn about it until it was already over. It’s so good!) But I don’t know what else. I hear people mention shows like Felicity, My So Called Life, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but I never got into any of those series, so I’m not sure if they’re good enough to recommend to my kids.

What about you? Have you introduced any out-of-production shows to your kids? Or maybe you’re waiting until they’re older? What are you excited to re-watch with them?

P.S. — If you know Gilmore Girls, no doubt you’ll be curious: Maude is currently Team Jess.