Another sibling gift idea we enjoyed, before we started the making tradition, was to take each of the kids shopping and let them pick out small, sort of silly, sort of practical gifts for each other. Ralph might pick out a box of band aids for each sibling (the special kind with Spiderman or the CareBears). Maude might pick out a new toothbrush for each brother or sister. The gifts would be carefully wrapped and placed under the tree with great excitement.

We still do this when the kids are too little for making. I think it’s a good first exercise in considering someone else. The 2 year old will be in the aisle at Target, carefully considering which bandaids a particular sister would want the most. And since the concept of giving is tricky at that age, we let them pick a box out for themselves as well.

Last year was June’s first Christmas and she enjoyed playing with the wrapping. This year I think she’ll get a kick out of being the unwrapper. And next year, she’ll be two, and she’ll get her turn to pick out little gifts. I think she’ll love it!

At what age do you introduce gift giving at your house? Any ideas that have worked well for your littlest ones?