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This one is for the good men in your life. The fathers and brothers, the husbands and boyfriends, the inlaws and grandpas. Even the uncles. Yes, based on the news, it seems like there might be no good men left in the world, but happily, we know that’s not true. So let’s pick out something really wonderful for all the trustworthy, hard-working, kind, funny, and compassionate men we know and love.

I should also note, though I’m no man, I very much want many of the things on this list, and so do my teens. So don’t worry about the list label, and just check out all the cool stuff. : )

Justice League Nesting Dolls. They’re somehow silly and cool and irresistible all at once.

Leather Grill Apron. Do you have a grill boss in your life? Do they have a leather apron? You know this will totally inspire them to step up their outdoor cooking game.

Eames Hardcover Book. For the man who appreciates good design, or wants to be that sort of person. (This whole series is great — and priced under $15!)

Cork Globe. Isn’t this the coolest idea? You can pinpoint all your travels (or future travels!). There’s a smaller version too.

Waxed Canvas Tool Bag. It’s described as a tool bag or an all purpose bag, and right now, I’m favoring the all-purpose direction. So handsome. I want a dozen just because.

Horn-shaped Coffee Mug with Leather Strap. I can’t decide if this one is super cheesy, or the coolest thing ever. Maybe both?

Pendleton National Park Wool Blanket. We LOVE our National Parks Blanket (we have the Badlands version), and these are one of my favorite things to gift. Beautiful and practical, it will last for ages and be handed down to the grandkids.

Miracle Cube Timer. It’s useful and practical, and also feels like a toy. Use it to time dinner, to time homework, to time a family workout, to time boardgames…

Nintendo Classic Edition. Hello nostalgia! Remember these? Well, they’re back and looking as rad as ever.

Did You Feed The Dog. A gentle reminder. Good for the whole family.

FishHotel Mini Aquarium. I love this so much. Perfect in the kitchen, in the family room, or on a desk. (Reminds me of these easy DIY versions too.)

Flat Iron Grill. I confess, I didn’t even know this was a thing, but the minute I saw it, I knew Ben Blair would want one.

4 Person Tent. Have you introduced the kids to the joy of camping yet? This tent gets great reviews and has a very reasonable price.

Men’s Cruiser. Family bike rides forever! (Need more bike ideas?)

Echo. It will turn on your music, turn off the lights, and basically run your household. The future is here. And it’s on sale.

Mobile Phone Stabilizer. This is what you need to capture smoother video footage. You’ll have the best home movies on the block.

Hammock. So much fabric! This is stunning. I’m ready for a nap just looking at it.

Duffel Bag. Herschel bags are legendarily good. And this stylish option is especially handsome. Just the right size.

The Locust Effect: Why the End of Poverty Requires the End of Violence. This book is really good and really intense — all about violence and justice. It will make you incredibly angry, and it will make you want to take action.

Victorinox Watch. Yes, it’s a handsome watch, but the yellow… it makes you stand out in the best way. 

Clear Flask. True, I’m not a drinker, but I want to own this flask anyway. So cool.

Stanley Classic Thermos. I’m basically a Stanley Thermos super fan at this point. I love the traditional look of these.

Giant Tumbling Timbers. Made for your lawn, or a generous family room. You know this is going to be the first thing to get tested out on Christmas Day after the presents are open.

Tool Pen. Do you have one of these? We use ours so often. We keep it in the kitchen catch-all drawer and it’s always ready to go for quick tasks.

1000 Record Covers Book. It works for music lovers, or design lovers.

Katsu Japanese Pocket Knife. What can I say? It’s truly beautiful tool. It would be a pleasure to own.

Climate Beneficial Wool Beanie. This hat goes beyond carbon zero manufacturing, and is actually good for environment.

Eyerusalem Passport Wallet. Who doesn’t love gorgeous leather goods from a company that gives back? Click through to see this stylish passport wallet in action.

DIY Bluetooth Speaker. Perfect for someone who likes to tinker. And it looks really cool too — it’s a speaker with loads of personality.

Heavy Duty Metal Tool Box. A really good tool box changes everything. I’m so much more likely to tackle a project when everything I need is right at hand and easy to transport.

DJI Phantom 3 Quadcopter. We love this drone! My brother introduced us to this a couple of Christmases ago and it’s the coolest.

Holy Stone Wifi Drone. And here’s a more affordable drone. It’s been described by reviewers as “the most bang for your buck.” This looks like a great way to satisfy drone curiosity without breaking the bank.


Your turn. Anything on this list catch your eye? What would you add to this collection? And what man in your life is the hardest to shop for? I’d love to hear.

P.S. — 25 more really good gift ideas for men.