Personalized Family Photo Gift by Pinhole Press - Dominos Set

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Oh my goodness. How cute are these? A dominoes set you can personalize with your own photos! I’m so in love with this project. The quality is fantastic, it gets put to good use (meaning, the kids actually play with it), and I think it may be the easiest custom-photo project I’ve ever ordered (and I have ordered a lot of different projects over the years!).

This Family Dominoes set is one of seven brand new personalized family photo gifts from Pinhole Press, especially created for kids in the 3 to 7 years old range. Are you already a Pinhole Press fan? It really is the go-t0 source for creating personal, thoughtful, entertaining (and even educational) gifts.

Cutest Gift Idea: A Family Dominoes Set personalized with your own photos! Your kids will LOVE this personalized family dominoes set

When I say it was easy, I’m not kidding around. The Pinhole Press interface is truly simple. I opened the project, uploaded the photos I wanted to use, then drag and dropped them into the right spots. So easy, you can’t get it wrong.

Cutest Gift Idea: A Family Dominoes Set personalized with your own photos!

There were 9 photo spots available for this project — seven could be used on the cards themselves (to number 0 through 6), and 2 photos could be used on the cover. Since we have six kids, I used their individual photos for numbers 1 through 6, and used a family photo for the zero. At first I put a photo of our youngest, June, on the 1 and then counted up to Ralph, our oldest, on the 6.

But then I wanted switch them. I wanted June on the 6 because she’s the 6th kid. I cringed at first when I realized I wanted to switch things up. Would it take forever? Would I have to start over? But it was so easy I cheered! It literally only took seconds. So gratifying.

Cutest Gift Idea: A Family Dominoes Set personalized with your own photos!

I also used photos of me and Ben Blair on the cover so everyone in the family got a spot.

Of course, no matter what your family size, this Family Dominoes set would be so fun to personalize. You could use 9 different photos of your child. You could add in grandparent photos, cousin photos, even pet photos too!

Your kids will LOVE this personalized family dominoes setCutest Gift Idea: A Family Dominoes Set personalized with your own photos!

Think of this Family Dominoes set as a great educational gift — it’s easy to picture a favorite aunt or uncle teaching your kids how to play while the entire family is home for the holidays. Dominoes are a such a classic family game, and this set is particularly kid-friendly, durable, and high quality. A great addition to any game collection.


Wouldn’t these make a great gift for grandparents too? A domino set with photos of their grandkids? Heck yes. And it will delight the grandkids every time they visit.

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What’s your take on personalized family photo gifts? The options at Pinhole Press are so easy to make, and arrive in the mail so quickly, that I’m a big fan. Plus, there so much thoughtfulness built in — I mean, you’re creating a one-of-a-kind custom gift. It doesn’t get more thoughtful than that.


Photos by Kristen Loken for Design Mom.