Welcome to Gift Guide #6. It’s my very last gift guide of 2010. Hopefully, it will help you finish off your shopping in a glorious manner. I decided to theme this one Home & Hearth. Then I filled it with all sorts of pretty things for your home and kitchen (mostly your kitchen) that are easy to find — even at the last minute.

A bright new dishtowel or colorful spatula can make even the dreariest kitchen more fun to work in and kitchen items are some of my favorite gifts to give. Take a look at the list below and maybe they’ll be your favorite too.

gift ideas kitchen

Nesting Doll Dishtowel. Did I tell you I’ve got a thing for Matryoshka dolls? Also. Have you noticed Russian motifs are everywhere these days?

Rainbow Cupcake Liners. Everyone loves cupcakes. And everyone loves brightly patterned cupcake liners too. They make an inexpensive, cheerful gift.

Mrs. Meyers Cleaning Products. A collection of good-looking, good-smelling cleaning products will be used and appreciated.

Snow & Graham Desk Calendar. Flowers!

Baker’s Twine. My favorite is the traditional red. You will find 1000 uses for it.

Soda Collection. What a fun gift. Scour your local markets and put together a collection of vintage sodas. One of my friends gave her husband a dozen different hard-to-find bottled rootbeers and they had a taste testing.

kitchen gift ideas

Stained-Glass Star. These are perfection hanging in a sunny window. If you wish, you can have them inscribed with a sweet message.

Colorful Nesting Bowls. They’re the hardworking matryoshka doll of the kitchen.

Santa Key. In New York, we didn’t have a fireplace. Luckily, a sweet neighbor gave us a Santa Key and St. Nick was able to fill our stockings without a hitch.

Magnetic Kitchen Timer. Every time I see one of these, I’m tempted to buy it. Available in lots of fun colors, they’d make a great hostess gift.

Organized Simplicity. Tsh Oxenrider’s new book is getting 5-star reviews. Don’t we all want to be more organized?

Hable Construction Storage Bins. These bins are so darn charming. A beautiful way to corral toys or books or whatever you like.

kitchen gift ideas

– Apron. It’s made from vintage European cloth and it’s almost too beautiful to get dirty. Also, I like unisex looking aprons I can share with Ben Blair.

Floral Measuring Cups. These win the prize for happiest measuring cups in the world.

Egg Beater Dishtowel. If I had space, I would own a hundred great-looking dishtowels. They’re practical, but pretty. Fun to give and fun to receive.

Mini Stonewear Pots. Mini things are always more fun. These measure a petite 5.5 inches by 4 inches. Only $5 each!

Time for Dinner. Still miss Cookie magazine? Me too. Ease your sadness with this helpful new cookbook by the Cookie Editors.

Screen Printed Throw Pillows. The fabric of these gorgeous pillow covers is hand-printed. They’d look equally good on a bed or a sofa.

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