Gift guide number 5 has arrived! It’s filled with gift ideas for toddlers, school-age kids and tweens (and a rattle too!), with some fun stocking stuffers mixed in. This guide is based on much of what’s on my own kids’ wishlists this year.

gift ideas for young kids

Retro pedal car. There are so many great-looking options out there! Vintage tow-trucks, fire engines and airplanes. I thought the mustang was cute for girls or boys.

Fabric teepee. Hideouts, forts, playhouses and teepees are absolutely irresistible to kids of all ages. Pretty much anything they can crawl into will work. Plus they make a big statement on Christmas morning.

Jingle Bell Rattle. Give this to your toddler or baby on Christmas Eve and then sing your favorite Christmas Carols while they handle percussion.

Play Kitchen. This is it. The best looking play kitchen at the best price. Pick it up for $99 plus free shipping.

Hooded Towel. It’s fun for kids to have their own special towel. Check etsy or make your own.

Overall Apron. Of course your boyish boy doesn’t want to wear a smock — it sounds so girly. Try this manly apron instead.

gift ideas for school age kids

Pop Arty Beads. Great colors. Unusual shapes. These beads are played with daily at our house by every kid but the baby.

Animal Pillows. Pigs, ducks, giraffes, gorillas. These Salvor Fauna pillows, designed by Ross Menuez, are a good-looking alternative to sometimes corny stuffed animals.

Colorku. It’s sodoku, but with colors. (I want this for me.)

Kid-size Guitar. These are widely available in a wide range of prices. A great way to make music accessible to your child.

Art Supplies. Good art supplies are a perennial favorite at our house and often fill our stockings. Try these watercolor cards and a paint set.

Picture This and Photo Finish. Two terrific doodle books by Pascalle Estelon. Filled with creative prompts and silly yet inspiring images.

gift ideas for tweens

Nixon Watch. As your kids hit middle school, they might be ready for their first real watch. Last year we gave Ralph a Nixon and it was just right. Cool, but still kid-friendly. Find colorful ones at your local skate & board shop.

Wood Puzzles. I love having something quiet for the kids to puzzle out after the morning celebration is finished. Great stocking stuffer at $3.

Vintage Skateboard. Check eBay for a ton of options.

Balloon Animal Kit. Everyone needs a talent to show off at parties or school assemblies. Balloon animals are always a hit.

Origami Kit. This is great for kids who like working with their hands. This particular kit works for beginning paper folders but still challenges at the advanced level too.

Nirve Cruiser Bike. The cutest kid-size cruiser I’ve come across.