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By Gabrielle.

Only 12 more days till Christmas! How are you doing with your shopping list? I’m not quite halfway there, but I’m making progress. : ) At this point in the month, I get that feeling of wanting to preserve my gift budget for any last-minute surprises, so I thought it would be helpful to share a gift guide of cool, affordable products — everything is under $25!

1) For your niece who lives in the dorms, a funny pillow that looks like a retro TV.

2) For your tween son, a hand-sculpted Can-It Piggy Bank for his spare change.

3) For the friend you’ve had since junior high, a Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner T-shirt — since she’s the one you snuck out to see Dirty Dancing with in the first place.

4) For your minimalist brother-in-law, a simplified, modern New York City Subway Map Poster.

5) For the newlyweds in the studio apartment, this DIY Dutch Design Chair with a show-stopping print.

6) For your mother who has fabulous taste, a soft, absorbent, Luxe Woven Towel from Portugal.

7) For your trendy friend who lives in San Francisco, a pair of Rollable Ballet Flats to keep in her purse. (Those hills are hard!)

8) For your typography obsessed co-worker, a set of Helvetica Playing Cards.

9) For your son’s bus driver, because she waits when he’s running just a tiny bit late, a good-looking Reusable Coffee Mug made of silicone.

10) For your daughter who loves figuring things out, the Oblo Puzzle Sphere. Three cheers for good-looking toys!

11) For your aunt who suffers from winter blues, a set of 3 pairs of cheerful Polka-dot Happy Socks.

12) For your husband who probably won’t ever get inked but likes the idea anyway, a set of Tattly Temporary Tattoos — to put in his stocking!

13) For your teenager who just started a band, a poster of the Taxonomy of Rap Names designed by Pop Chart Lab.

14) For your child who proudly learned how to tell time on a traditional clock (instead of checking your phone), a little Rainbow-Colored Wrist Candy designed by May28th.

15) For your bachelor brother, an I Would Cuddle You So Hard t-shirt to impress the ladies.

Happy shopping, Friends!