Gift guide number 4 has arrived! There are so many shiny baubles that have caught my eye, I decided to share them all in one place and theme the collection “sparkly”. Gifts featured here would work for anyone who likes pretty things. : )

gift guide design mom sparkly

Penguin Classics. They’ve reissued the best of the best with gorgeous new covers designed by Coralie Bickford Smith. The perfect excuse to add to your library.

Custom Notebook by Oh Joy!. At our house, we keep a journal specifically for Christmas memories. Anyone who wants to (me, Ben Blair or the kids) can take a turn writing down their holiday highlights to be enjoyed for years to come. I would have this notebook printed with the word: Christmas.

Metallic Ornaments. My favorite is the little nest with glittery eggs. I want a dozen of them!

Paper Bowls. These are stunning. Available in gold, silver or copper — they are quite reasonably priced for a work of art. Wouldn’t a line of them be pretty on a windowsill?

Twirl Bow Cuff. Ms. Spade can’t seem to get enough of tidy little bows. Neither can I.

Stencil 5 Print. It measures 20 x 25 inches and is hand-printed with a 5 from the Eames Stencil font. The five can mean anything you’d like it to (may I suggest high five!). It’s just so cool.

gift guide design mom sparkly

Quartz Pinata. It’s over the top, but it will make your New Year’s Celebration the raddest one ever.

Clutch by Aviva Stanoff. Wouldn’t this be fun to carry? It would elevate any outfit.

Hayworth Mirrored Chest. I’m kind of obsessed with mirrored furniture at the moment. This piece is on sale for $249!

Penguin Ornament. Isn’t he handsome and serious?

Snowflake Pillow. This will add some light and shine to your house and look just right till Spring arrives.

Wraparound Ring. I covet this.

gift guide design mom sparkly

Crystal Wing Flats. It’s difficult to own too many ballet flats. And these would make your jeans and sweater ensemble feel put together.

Wishbone Necklace. I’m sure you know someone that can use some luck this coming year.

Glitter Garland. You’ll never guess what it’s made of.

Tulle Sequin Dress. For your daughter. Because she likes sparkly things too.

Rose Cut Diamond Rings. Have you heard of grey diamonds before? They are new to me and I think I love them.

Recycled Bottle Votive. These are beer bottles reborn with a coating of antiqued silver. A pretty way to decorate your house throughout the year.

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