toy gift guide

At our house, Santa brings something to read, something to wear and something to play with (you can read more about how we do it here). And this list is the play with list. My kids would be delighted with everything pictured. In fact, we’ve bought several of these items — so I know they’re truly kid approved!

1) First up, the Symphony in B by B.Toys. We have this amazing toy and I can tell you that I wasn’t surprised at all when I heard it won Toy of the Year. It’s pretty fantastic. And it’s made for kids 3-13 years old, so it’s a fun one for the whole family. You may not be able to resist it yourself!

2) This silver tricycle is so sleek! I love the color (it looks like it would age well) and I love the styling of the winged hubcabs. With a big red bow, this would make any girl or boy’s Christmas morning.

3) How about a fantastic wind-up tin robot? There are 4 styles and you wind it with a little metal key! Very low tech. Very high charm. This one is perfect for a stocking.

4) I love toys like this! Blocks are appealing to people of all ages, and these are especially well-designed. I like to keep toys like this in the living room — even when they’re in a jumble on the floor, they still look great.

5) Tech + kids can be tricky, because tablets are so fragile! But this Kurio Tablet from eBay is made specially for kids. It has everything you want from a tablet and comes with a kid-safe bumper.

6) This is the best little tea set we’ve come across. It’s not plastic! The colors and design are lovely, and the pieces feel good in your hand — like the real thing. A total bargain at $10.

7) It’s fun to have something “big” under the tree! If you live in a snowy area, sleds are a smart choice because you can put them to use right away instead of waiting till the next season. The Zipfy gets great reviews.

8) These dolls from Petit Collage couldn’t be more charming. The patterned textiles are beautiful and you just know they would be cherished by your little ones. Cute sitting on a bed. Cute being dragged around the house behind the two-year-old. An heirloom in the making.

9) I can’t remember the last Christmas morning at our house that didn’t involve Nerf guns! (Available at eBay.) Just remember to buy at least two — one Nerf gun = annoying, two Nerf guns equal hours of running around the house/yard/neighborhood chasing each other.

I’d love to know, what toys are being requested at your house this year?

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