the treehouse at dusk

Text and image by Gabrielle.

Is it really Monday already? Where did the weekend go?

I feel like I’m coming out of a state of suspended animation. The move + Alt Summit SF just about did me in! I woke up this morning craving normalcy and routine.

When my schedule gets intense, it seems like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, blog comments — they’re the first thing to go. But then it’s a treat to catch up on all the news when I get a little downtime with my laptop. I had some of that laptop time this morning and relished it!

This evening will mark 1-week back in the States. Now that the conference is over, and we’ve made it past the jet lag, we’re getting practical. It’s time to get the kids registered for school. It’s time to decide on a car. It’s time to figure out when to move our belongings from Colorado. That sort of thing.

Our oldest 4 are at Cousins Week, which means we only have 2 little ones at home (which is relatively easy for the Blairs!), so this is a great week to really get things done.

How is July going for you?

P.S. — The shot above was taken from our bedroom at dusk last evening. This is a remarkable home. I can’t wait to share it with you.

P.P.S. — I don’t think I’ve missed posting A Few Things in years! The fact that I didn’t make it happen was a demonstration to me of just how crazy last week was. Thanks for your patience as I sort out my new schedule. : )