Tell me what you say to yourself every morning when you dress for the day, will you? I’m pretty sure my thoughts are a perfect mash-up of forecasts and the day’s errands and options fresh from the clothesline. But I just read an article — The Power of Positive Clothes — and I’ve got a new mantra I’ll be sharing with my kids. (And you!)

Fashion designer Peter Morrissey grew up modestly: six children sharing bedrooms, bathrooms, and a dining room table with only two chairs, with most of his clothes coming from Goodwill or a growing older sibling. But each morning, Peter’s father woke his children with the same message: “Kids, it’s time to get up and get dressed to go dreaming.”

How about that, Friends? I certainly know how to dress for a school conference or a  picnic at the Eiffel Tower, but dreaming? Oh, the options are fantastic, don’t you agree?

Tell me: How would you dress to dream? What would you change into right now if that was your goal for the day? I can’t wait to be inspired!

Photo via Coco+Kelley.