Every time you read about the Syrian refugee crisis, you get a big pit in your stomach, right? Me too. And there’s this intense desire to do something, to take action — while simultaneously feeling helpless and hopeless.

If you can relate to that, I think you’re going to love this: Gather for Goats. It was launched by Linsey Laidlaw, (a friend from New York, amazing graphic designer, and all around good human being), in partnership with Lifting Hands International, with one goal: Buy 800 goats for Syrian refugee families.

That’s right. 800 goats for Syrian refugee families, who are living in the desert in Jordan. The goats can help provide a sustainable source of nutrition and hydration for children in this uninhabited area.

How is the money being raised? Well, it’s really cool actually. People across the country are hosting get togethers for neighbors, friends, co-workers and family members, and they’re asking guests to donate what they would have spent on a meal at a restaurant, to the goat fund. 

The gatherings can be anything at all. A ladies discussion group. A big potluck picnic at the park. A fancy dinner party. A backyard BBQ. A birthday party. And the hosts? They can be anyone at all. They can be YOU.

If you’re reading this, and your heart starts beating a little bit faster, and you start thinking, “Hey, I could do this. I have friends I can invite. I could host a gathering. I could raise money. I could help refugees!” Then that’s wonderful. In fact, I think it’s a sign. You should definitely do it. Won’t it feel amazing to take concrete action?

If you want to host (Yay!) you can find all the info you need at Gather for Goats. Can’t host? No problem. You can still contribute money towards a goat, or help by spreading the word. Almost 100 goats have already been purchased so far. 

I’m heading to a Gather for Goats dinner hosted by my friend Catherine this weekend. I’m really looking forward to it. And I want to hear about your gatherings too. If you’re thinking about hosting one, tell me about it in the comments. Do you want to host a big gathering? Something more intimate? At your home? Outdoors? At a restaurant or café? Will there be a theme? Or would you want to keep it casual? 

P.S. — Gather for Goats party crafts at The House That Lars Built.