Jordan taught me that if you’re looking for pretty party ideas, wedding magazines are one of the best resources. She’s brilliant like that. In the current issue of Wedding Style Guide there is a story on a Garden Party Bridal Shower that made my heart go pitty pat. I’d love to throw the same party — not as a bridal shower — but just as an excuse for the ladies to lunch.

I love the tagged canning jars ready to host fresh flowers that the guests arrange themselves. I love the hearty sandwiches served on sheets of brown paper. Lots of lovely details. Bonus: you can even get free downloads for the party stationery — invitations, hang tags and signs — so that you can throw a party just as pretty as theirs.

And if you’re not subscribing to this Australia-based magazine, you might want to do so. Wedding Style Guide is a treasure. Full of gorgeous photography and brilliant party and entertaining ideas.