Hello Sister Love,

It sounds like you are feeling better! I am so glad it is Friday as well. Weekend plans are going to be busy as I am preparing for Easter. Our Saturday morning Easter egg hunt with the godparents is going to be so enjoyable. We plan on dying our eggs this year using only natural dyes. It should be fun for us all.

I am grateful for this recycling idea I found. It looks nice, clean and fun to manage.

I am also grateful for this delilghtful little button clock idea. I have thousands of spare buttons around and this seems like a lovely little way to get them used. What a fun wedding gift for some newly wed lady in a new kitchen

Did I tell you about my new chandelier that I bought for my kitchen? It is brilliant! It adds such a lovely glow. Jane and I had fun adding the crystals this morning to make it shimmer.

I went shopping and found a lovely Easter skirt. What fun! Underneath the skirt, are green ruffles. Even though no one sees it, It just makes me feel beautiful. I think every woman needs a good skirt to put on and feel transformed.

I love you my dear sister. Thank you for being such a wonderful woman. You are terribly inspired by all that is beautiful and good.


Sister Nie.

PS — here is a picture Claire drew for you. . . you are whispering “I love you” to each other.