Big day today! Maude is moving into the dorms at Berkeley. (Whaaat???!!)

It feels like a big deal, but I also know it’s way less-stressful than it would if she was moving far away. We’re actually packing fairly “light” — there are about 15 things on the recommended packing list that we aren’t bringing. Maude figures she’ll take some time to assess what she really needs, and then we can drop off anything else to her next week. Her dorms are just a 10 min drive away.

Want to know what Maude’s bringing? We made a little video with some show-and-tell. Here are the sources:

Laundry basket
Yellow scallop sheet set (twin XL)
Plain white 100% cotton duvet cover
Towel set (grey)
Shower shoes (blue)
Shower tote
Muji notebooks and pens
Eastpack backpack (similar)
Canon pixma printer (white) 
First aid kit
Ream of 8.5 x 11 Paper
First Aid Kit
Lock for bathroom locker
Reusable water bottle (grey)
Laptop (she has my old one — it’s not in the best shape and may need to be replaced)
Phone (she has a refurbished SE) and earbuds
Hussk phone case/wallet with rooms for cards (recommended by other Cal students)

Plus a vintage lamp and vintage typewriter!

Once we arrived at the dorm and unpacked we added a few more things:
Mattress topper (XL) — the mattress provided is quite thin and industrial.
Bunk bed shelf  — because she’s on the upper bunk, she doesn’t have a night stand, so this will help.
Small speaker — for music.

That’s about it! Everything else she packed was either clothing or toiletries. She’s thinking about bringing a bike, maybe a dry-erase board, and a few other odds and ends too. But she’s going to wait and see.

P.S. — Fun fact: People in the Bay Area usually call UC Berkeley “Cal.” But we didn’t figure that out for a few months after moving here. We kept seeing Cal hoodies and assumed Cal and Berkeley were two separate universities. Hah!