porcelain light fixture handmade in France by Alix D. Reynis

In September, not long after Maude arrived in Paris, she called me and said, “Mom, you would LOVE Alix!”

Alix is the mother of the boys Maude cares for, and as you would expect, Maude spends a lot of time with the family. “She’s a designer and she has the best taste,” Maude told me, “She has a product line too, and you can find her wares at Merci!”

Merci is one of the most stylish shops in Paris (it’s the one you seen in photos with the tiny red car in front), and definitely one of my happy places, so of course I wanted to know more. I emailed Alix, and she sent the link to her site, and then my jaw dropped because everything is so dang beautiful.

Alix D. Reynis porcelain shop in Paris

Alix designs gorgeous wares — porcelain light fixtures, dishes, candles, tumblers, and more — all handmade in France. And she sells them in a charming Paris shop (the kind you daydream about when the wanderlust kicks in).

handmade porcelain light fixtures at the Alix D. Reynis shop in Parishandmade French porcelain light fixtures by Alix D. Reynis

The wares are also carried in shops across the world. (Maybe there’s one close to you!)

porcelain light fixture handmade in France by Alix D. Reynis porcelain dishes and scented candles, handmade in France by Alix D. Reynis

When Maude came home for Christmas, she brought me the Tuileries candle — a sweet gift from Alix. And oh my goodness, I am obsessed. Gorgeous to hold, gorgeous to look at, and the scent makes me catch my breath.

porcelain light fixture handmade in France by Alix D. Reynisporcelain light fixture and dishes, handmade in Paris by Alix D. Reynis

We were already so pleased about the adventures and growing experiences and adulting practice that Maude has enjoyed during her time in Paris, and you can imagine how over the moon we are that someone as talented as creative as Alix is her hostess.

I thought you’d enjoy getting a peek at Alix’s work too!

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