homemade panna cotta with raspberries and wild strawberries

Photo and text by Gabrielle.

We are coming up to our second weekend in France, and the end of June, and I can hardly believe it. Time is already flying by too fast. There is so much I want to report to you about our time here so far. The plans we made at our meeting with the architect. What it’s like coming back to this place compared to coming here for the first time. The old favorite spots we’ve visited. The new happy spots we’ve explored. Our plans for the next 7 weeks. The friends we’ve met up with. The views. The weather. So much!

But it is very late here — past midnight (I still haven’t gotten on a good French time schedule) and I really need to head to bed. So I will keep it short and just tell you this: the food really is the best here. They spend time on food, they make it a priority, and they eat well. The quality is so much better. I already knew this, but somehow I had forgotten.

Tonight we met friends for dessert at the lovely Caroline’s house, and her daughter made panna cotta, topped with raspberries and wild strawberries from their yard. It was so good, I had two servings!

P.S.  — News from the Oakland remodel too! The contractor sent photos. Post coming.