Our weekend project is installing a new mailbox at our French Cottage. We use the cottage as our permanent French address, but the mailbox is quite ancient, and the mail sometimes gets wet (yikes!).

My favorite mailboxes have long been the red Swedish style options. I first bought one for a porch refresh back in 2007 when we were renting a little house in New York. (Fun fact: We drove by this house in August on a little nostalgia tour, and the whole exterior has been changed, but the little red mailbox is still on the porch!)

I’m assuming I can’t find something like that here in our little town, so I’ll check out their big box home improvement shops and see what’s in stock (they have Lowe’s/Home Depot equivalents like Brico Marché and Brico Cash and Magasin Vert), and then go from there. If I can’t find anything I like, I may decide to order one — there are a bunch of good-looking options with a similar look and feel. Here are a few of my favorites:

1- Sleek, simple and modern. And a built in lock is a good idea — because we only check it as needed. $60
2- Gosh I love the lettering on this one. Plus the description makes it sound super sturdy and ready for all types of weather. $42
3- Well hello little scallops. And you have a lock and come in 4 colors. $94

4- It’s available in 9 colors, and with a plain front, it feels like a more neutral option than the traditional Swedish versions. $18
5- It looks like an envelope! And the lettering feels so American. I love it. It’s available in 4 colors. $39
6- Yes it’s pricey, but it features a cat, so… Plus it comes in 3 colors and it’s weatherproof and has a lock. $217

7- Feels more substantial and comes in 3 colors (sadly no red). Has a lock! This one maybe feels like I would find it in London? $50
8- This weathered one appeals to me. Especially for our weathered cottage. But it’s so weathered, that I think I would only want to use it on a protected covered porch. $50
9- This is a charmer. It comes in 4 colors, it’s weatherproof, and has a spot for small padlock. $52

10- This one comes in 8 colors and has a place for newspapers too (do you still have a newspaper subscription?). It’s also available in a rustic version. $38
11- Classic Swedish style mailbox. To be honest, I prefer the version with the embossed graphic and no paint — which is what I chose for our little house in New York. $213
12- I’ve only seen this in black (not red, sad face). But it’s made of galvanized steel and has a hidden lock. And hey, it’s only $14.

With prices under $20, a fresh mailbox is great way to make a quick and happy update to your home. And depending on what you choose, it might add a fun pop of color too.

Have you ever considered your mailbox? Is it something you could freshen up? Does yours live on your porch? Or in a group as a part of an apartment complex or neighborhood? Or maybe yours sits curbside? Do you have a favorite mailbox style? And does your mailbox need a lock? I’d love to hear.