By Gabrielle.

The other day, I mentioned I’ve accidentally had a capsule wardrobe for the last 3 months, and that my clothes were getting worn out. Which is true. And the socks are the most worn out of all, so I’ve been doing a little sock shopping — or shall I say, sock hopping — from store to store. : ) In case any of you are in the market, I thought I’d share some of the favorites I’ve found so far.

Pictured above are a pair of Woven Pears. Their socks are adorable. Fun patterns, and new ones announced all the time. I love that many options have a little message on the bottoms of the feet — a little secret message just for you. Plus, the company was started by two friends and long-time Alt Summit alums. Yay for creative entrepreneurs! I gave out Woven Pear socks at my book launch party in the goody bags.

Here are 8 more options:


1) Fox, color blocks, and polka dots! So rhyme-y, so cozy. I bought these on my trip to Utah last week when I pulled on a pair of socks and realized there was a giant hole in the heel. Luckily, there was an Old Navy across the street from where I was staying. Mostly cotton. A set of 3 for only $6!

2) Boot socks! Marled and thick and comfy. Plus, they are 96% cotton! On sale now for $11 per pair. They come in 4 different colors.

3) Colorblock chevron. Mostly cotton. Get them for 30% off with code YESPLEASE. (Speaking of 30% off, tons of stuff at J.Crew is on sale now with the same code.) Layer these cuties over tights.

4) Get out of town! I just realized Pendleton makes socks in the same gorgeous patterns as their National Park blankets. Can’t splurge on a blanket this month? I hear you. Treat yourself to socks instead. 87% cotton with 5-star reviews — $12.50 per pair.

5) Windowpane socks. I’ll give you the bad news first: they’re only 54% cotton. But the good news is they are modern and simple and fabulous (I love a good windowpane grid!), and they are only $3.30. Total bargain.

6) My FAVE no show socks. I’ve tried lots of different brands, and these stay put on my heels instead of sneaking down as I walk. I wear them with penny loafers and sometimes sneakers too. They last for ages even with a weekly wash. The patterns switch up, but the quality seems to remain the same. 30% off right now.

7) In the fall, I try to stop by the sock section every time I make a Target run. So many good options! This argyle pair by Happy Socks (I think they’re a Swedish brand — or, at least the first time I happened upon Happy Socks was in Stockholm) is only $6.99.

8) White Swan socks by Kate Spade. Quirky, good socks. I remember pulling on a pair of Kate Spade socks when I went into labor with Flora June. For good luck? Or maybe just cheerfulness. 70% cotton, only $10.

How about you? Fallen in love with any socks lately? Do you have a preference for length (no show, ankle, trouser, knee-high)? How about for material? I favor cotton, but love a luxe option with a bit of cashmere for the holidays. I mostly only wear wool socks if I’m hiking or camping.

Do you prefer patterns or solids? Or do you like a mix of both? And how do feel about the current trends of using socks to add a pop of color, and layering socks over tights?