Photos and text by Gabrielle.

It’s time for this month’s picture book post! I’ve got 4 excellent recommendations for you. First up: Mr. Gumpy’s Outing by John Burningham. June checked this one out from the school library and we loved it.


It’s an older book, first published in 1971, but still available. Mr. Gumpy lives by the river, and sometimes his friends (both the human kind and the animal kind) join him for boat rides. Sometimes the end up in the river. Sometimes they have tea.


Next is The Pancake King by Phyllis LaFarge, with illustrations by Seymour Chwast. The book’s remarkable orange cover caught my eye, and then I saw Seymour Chwast’s name, and I was admittedly pre-disposed to like it.


When I looked into it, I realized this is a revised addition — the original came out in 1971. (What was in the water in 1971?) And it’s terrific. So glad they reissued it! This is a story of Henry Edgewood who loves making pancakes and becomes quite a star because of it. Will his new importance make him forget his true priorities?


Then we have Girl & Gorilla: Out and About, by Rick Walton, with pictures by Joe Berger. Girl and Gorilla are best friends and they want to go to the park. But how will they get there?


Turns out getting to the park is quite an adventure! It might involve jump-roping, hopscotch, bike riding, wishing and more. Is it worth it? Yes. Yes it is.


Lastly, I’m completely enamored with Over the Ocean by Tokyo-based Taro Gomi.


A girl stands on the edge of the ocean and wonders. And then wonders some more. Are there farms over the ocean? Cities? People? Are the people friends? Get this one for the wonder, and also for the illustrations. This is a gorgeous book. Watch for it in May, but you can pre-order it now.

How about you and your kids? What picture books have caught your eye lately? Any oldies but goodies that you’re reading these days?

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